D.L.S. performing 10-meter distance EMC testing at Wisconsin site

Jul 10, 2019

D.L.S. performs 10-meter distance EMC testing at its two fully accredited 10-meter OATS sites in Genoa City, Wisconsin.

10-meter testing is required for most global EMC, wireless, transmitter and other emissions standards. Testing can be performed on equipment up to 17,000 pounds and 23 feet in diameter to FCC, IC, EN, IEC, ETSI, SAE, ISO, KN,VCCI and other global requirements. 

The testing site is 45 miles northwest of its Wheeling, Illinois, headquarters. The open area test site is situated on a four-acre parcel with two 10-meter weather enclosed open area test sites, a 3-meter anechoic chamber, multiple shielded rooms and bench space that can accommodate compliance or pre-compliance testing for radiated and conducted emissions.