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How to implement automation technologies as a smaller manufacturer

May 23, 2024
Smaller manufacturers can adopt automation technologies, thereby enhancing their efficiency and competitiveness, with the help of smart and cost-effective strategies

Small and medium-sized enterprises dominate the manufacturing industry, making up the vast majority of businesses. Despite their prevalence, these smaller manufacturers often face unique challenges when implementing automation technology.

Identifying these challenges begins with setting clear objectives and KPIs to benchmark current performance and pinpoint areas for improvement, partner publication Automation World wrote in a recent interview with industry specialists.

Experts Jeff Payne of AutomationDirect, Steve Bieszczat of DelmiaWorks, Caleb Funk of ImaginIt Technologies and Julie Fraser of Tech-Clarity emphasized the importance of utilizing enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems can aid in monitoring and assessing these KPIs. Experienced process experts within these companies are invaluable in recognizing issues and setting achievable automation goals. This structured approach allows manufacturers to align their technology goals with their broader business strategy, whether it's increasing output, reducing costs, or adjusting workforce size.

Selecting appropriate technologies and vendors is crucial for successful automation implementation as well. Smaller manufacturers benefit from more turnkey, plug-and-play technologies that require minimal setup and skilled personnel. Credibility and reputation of vendors should be assessed through thorough research, including examining their track record and industry reputation.

Automation World explores the nuances of these automation strategies and more in the full roundtable interview, available here.

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