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Omron Automation names Airline Hydraulics 2021 Distributor of the Year

July 15, 2022

Pictured on the left is Kenny Heidel (Omron) and Peter Brouwer (Omron) awarding Michael Schapoehler (Airline Hydraulics) and Mark Steffens (Airline Hydraulics) as 2021 Distributor of the Year.

Omron Automation Americas recognized Airline Hydraulics Corp., a distributor of industrial machinery and safeguarding products, as its 2021 Distributor of the Year throughout North and South America. The award recognizes Airline's investments in Omron's inventory, exceeding sales achievements, continued expansion with a new location in South Carolina, and Airline's mobile technology showcase of Omron products, the Tech Traveler. 

Peter Brouwer, vice president of sales for Omron, said: "On behalf of Omron Automation Americas, I am very pleased to recognize Airline Hydraulics as our 2021 Distributor of the Year. Airline's innovation, investment and commitment to our technology secured this award. They are a highly respected partner in the Americas market, supporting the growth of our brand and delivering superior support to customers. We look forward to many years, continuing to make our partnership stronger."

Mark Steffens, Airline CEO, added: "Quality relationships take time, and after 30-plus years of being a partner to Omron, we are honored to accept Distributor of the Year honors for 2021. We are thankful to have a partner closely aligned to our core values and must thank the Omron team members who have worked diligently to lay the groundwork for this mutual success."

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