Siemens partners with elliTek

July 12, 2022

elliTek Inc., a Knoxville-based engineering distributor, has signed a partnership with Siemens Automation and its Digital Industries segment. The partnership is designed to empower customers to overcome digital transformation challenges by providing the tools, training and support.

“As a solutions-based automation distributor, elliTek strives to empower its customers by helping them to overcome new automation challenges each day.  elliTek has a customer first approach that engages our markets at the enterprise and manufacturing execution systems, which allows us to execute innovative solutions such as industrial edge and unified SCADA. elliTek’s customer base will be on the leading edge of industrial technologies by relying on the customer focus, engineering and expertise elliTek provides. For us, this allows new engagement into the East Tennessee marketplace with customers’ open to innovation.” said Kurt Covine, U.S. director of partner sales with Siemens Digital Industries.

Brandon Ellis, owner and president of elliTek, added: “The fact that we have been given this rare opportunity to partner with a company that is clearly deserving of the prestige and overall distinction that comes with being the best in its industry is a blessing from above. That company, of course, is Siemens.”

The companies say that area manufacturers will be able to benefit from the elliTek/Siemens partnership through local training. elliTek University is equipped for hands-on, instructor-led training. Now, professionals throughout Eastern Tennessee and select counties in Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia can receive factory-grade training on Siemens products while staying local and avoiding high transportation costs.

Another benefit to area manufacturers is elliTek’s solutions-based approach and local support, as elliTek’s staff of applications engineers are trained on Siemens’ automation products.

elliTek will offer Digital Industry solutions for customers in Eastern Tennessee and select counties in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia. The Digital Industry products being offered by elliTek include programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human machine interfaces (HMIs), variable frequency drives (VFDs), high-performance motors and servos, cybersecure networking & IoT products and services, control relays, and power supplies.

Explore the possibilities at Wherever you are in your Automation Journey, elliTek will meet you there.

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