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Basler to acquire Advanced Technologies' distribution business

May 20, 2022

Hardy Mehl (Basler), Davide Nardelli (Advanced Technologies), Alberto Randazzo (Advanced Technologies) and Alexander Temme (Basler). Source: Basler AG

Basler AG, a manufacturer of computer vision components, reached an agreement on the acquisition of the distribution business of Advanced Technologies S. p. a. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the short term and is still subject to the legally required consultation and notification procedures. With this transaction, Basler continues to consistently expand its direct business in Europe and takes another step within its transformation strategy to a full-range provider.

Alexander Temme, CCO of Basler AG, said: “Basler has been consistently expanding its range of products and services for a number of years and has transformed from a camera maker to a full-range provider. The acquisition of the distribution business of Advanced Technologies as well as the subsequent planned merger underline this strategy. We are very pleased that in the future, Italian customers will be able to purchase our high-performance and cost-attractive computer vision portfolio directly from one global manufacturer with a very strong regional presence and expertise.”

Davide Nardelli, CEO of Advanced Technologies S.p.A., added: "I am very pleased to join the Basler Group. I am excited to continue our success story together and to bring our business to the next level. I thank all employees and partners who have made this achievement possible and who will be part of this new chapter extending our company impact in the region."

Advanced Technologies has been distributing image processing components and solutions for various industries for more than two decades. The company, located near Milan, Italy, successfully distributes a portfolio of vision components from various manufacturers. With 22 employees, the Italian office will further strengthen the development of Basler AG's sales activities in the EMEA region.

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