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FRABA sells Vitector business to CEDES Group

April 19, 2022

Christian Leeser, CEO, FRABA (right) and Christian-Erik Thöny, CEO of CEDES Group (left) announce sale of Vitector business unit to CEDES. Source: FRABA

FRABA sold its Vitector business unit to CEDES, a Swiss technology company specializing in sensor systems for elevators escalators, and industrial doors.

“We see this as a win all around,” FRABA CEO and majority shareholder Christian Leeser said. “Combining the Vitector and CEDES product lines will give customers access to a full range of safety sensors for industrial doors. Moreover, merging the technology strengths of these organizations will open the door to exciting new innovations.”

This transaction will enable FRABA to focus its resources on its motion and position sensor business, developments in its new Wiegand sensor business and on its manufacturing process consulting venture. Transfer of ownership will take place on June 1, 2022.

Christian-Erik Thöny, CEO of CEDES Group said: "The acquisition of Vitector secures us a leading position in the global market for industrial door sensors. Products and technology from Vitector complement our existing portfolio and catapult us into a leading position when it comes to monitoring and controlling industrial doors. Our goal is clear: we want to become the world's number one supplier of industrial door sensors."

FRABA and CEDES are firmly committed to ensuring a smooth transition for Vitector’s existing customers. As well, CEDES will continue to design customized solutions for challenging industrial door sensing applications.

Leeser added: "The new ‘Vitector by CEDES’ brand can offer the most complete line of exceptional industrial door sensors. We are very happy about this opportunity and will do our very best to support it."

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