Unison Tube, Moore Machine Tools team up to provide wider product offering

Jan. 12, 2022

Unison Tube LLC of Danville, Virginia, and Moore Machine Tools of West Jordan, Utah, teamed up to provide their individual customer bases with an even wider range of machine tool solutions.

Unison Tube LLC is the North American division of U.K.-based Unison Ltd, the manufacturers of Unison Breeze tube and pipe bending machines and Unison Synergy hybrid tube bending machines. In addition to other machine tool technologies, Moore Machine Tools is the official distributor of Nukon 2D fibre laser, 3D fibre laser and fibre laser tube cutting machines in the United States.

“Customers purchasing our CNC tube manipulation technologies and work cells often require a high-quality laser cutting capability,” said Stuart Singleton, vice president of Unison Tube LLC. “Our agreement with Moore Machine Tools will enable us to offer Unison customers in North America the full suite of technologies available in the Nukon laser product range. Over in the U.K., the Unison Group already offers Nukon’s range of fibre laser machines. Hence, we are fully aware of the outstanding quality and capabilities that Nukon provides.”

 Beau Moore, vice president of Sales at Moore Machine Tools, added: “For us it’s a win-win situation. Unison Ltd. invented all-electric tube bending, and we consider their tube and pipe bending machines to be the best in the business. Working with Unison Tube LLC means we will be able to introduce our customers to Unison Tube LLC and their full range of tube and pipe manipulation technologies.”

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