Bedrock Automation opens OSA Solutions Lab in Mansfield, Mass.

Oct. 6, 2021

Because it's always better to show than tell, Bedrock Automation recently opened its Open Secure Automation (OSA) Solutions Lab at its headquarters in Mansfield, Mass., near Boston. The facility lets its experts directly demonstrate the capabilities and differentiators of its cyber-secure automation hardware and software for control and power applications. These demonstrations can include onsite sessions and hands-on training events, which can be video streamed as virtual lunch-and-learns, webinars or other online formats.

The equipment for the OSA Solutions Lab was assembled over the past 18 months, even though Bedrock's staff often had to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The facility has two main sections; the first features scalable, remote and cyber-secure OSA systems ranging from as few as 10 I/O points to several hundred, while the second highlights how they interact with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software, devices and networks.

Visitors and viewers can also learn about OSA View, the company's OPC UA compliant SCADA interface platform, OSA Remote secure proxy for routing remote and legacy devices, and the free, newly released, IEC 61131-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Version 1.12, with expanded browser-based visualization, field technician interface (FTI), 64-bit and multi-core processing support and enhanced security tools.

The new lab complements Bedrock's existing OSA Engineering Test Lab that's also located at its headquarters. Rebuilt over the past six months for greater modularity and flexibility, the test lab examines competing components, conducts development and final product testing, and evaluates their compliance with standards and interoperability with communication protocols.

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