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Dayco starts heavy-duty decoupler business in China

Sept. 22, 2021

Figure 1: Dayco’s heavy-duty decouplers are designed to reduce carbon footprints, improve fuel economy and optimize NVH.

Dayco, with its world headquarters in Troy, Michigan, has secured its foothold in the Chinese market. A global manufacturer of engine products and drive systems for the automotive, heavy-duty and industrial markets, Dayco will be supplying its heavy-duty decouplers to a truck manufacturer in China, following its award of supplying a heavy-duty decoupler for the largest Chinese engine manufacturer, which will appear in the lineup of several truck manufacturers. The production of Dayco’s in-house decoupler facility will begin in early 2022, powering the commercial vehicle market in China.

With more than 100 years of experience in drive systems, Dayco has locations in 21 countries and more than 4,000 associates. From supplying decouplers for commercial vehicles to integrated damper-decouplers for luxury cars, Dayco’s decouplers for high-efficiency engines are designed to address the needs of truck and premium car manufacturers to improve fuel economy and drive system durability, reduce CO2 emissions and optimize noise, vibration, harshness (Figure 1).

“We are the first to design and deliver a robust decoupler product portfolio to our customers with full system support that maximizes the lifecycle of original equipment for a wide range of heavy-duty, light-duty, premium and hybrid applications,” said Wouter Nijenhuis, executive vice president of OE sales and business development for Dayco (www.dayco.com). “Our premium offering of decouplers along with viscous dampers, further strengthens our competitiveness in the commercial vehicle segment. We will continue to reduce carbon footprints and develop powerful solutions like decouplers to provide best-in-class and sustainable future mobility solutions to our customers.”

Dayco offers a premium package of complete front-end-accessory-drive (FEAD) system solutions including decouplers, dampers, tensioners, idlers/pulleys and belts, all in one place with global R&D capabilities and local manufacturing footprints. With more than a decade of success in light vehicle hybridization and decoupler technology, Dayco brings the technology to the heavy-duty industry.

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