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5 suppliers join the Allied roster

Sept. 1, 2021
Real Time Automation, icotek, Hub City, Marsh Bellofram and Isostatic products available through distributor

Real Time Automation (RTA), Isostatic and Hub City joined the industrial-controls roster at Allied Electronics & Automation. Products from these three suppliers, as well as newly added wire- and cable-management solutions from icotek, and pneumatics and fluid control products from Marsh Bellofram Precision Controls, are available through the distributor of solutions from more than 550 suppliers.

The expanding portfolio of products includes icotek cable entry systems for pre-terminated and non-terminated cables, as well as a full range of EMC shielding solutions.

Real Time Automation specializes in connectivity products, source code protocol stacks and OEM solutions for use by control engineers on factory floors.

Marsh Bellofram Precision Controls specializes in air and gas pressure regulators, relays, servo pressure controllers, I/Ps and E/Ps, analog circuit card pressure transducers and regulators, and FRLs and accessories for OEM, HVAC, and industrial applications. 

Isostatic provides standard and made-to-order bronze bushings and related bearing products in North America in inch and metric sizes.

Hub City manufactures gearboxes and gear drives, including a range of worm gear, bevel gear, parallel shaft, and in-line speed reducers, speed increasers, and mounted bearings. More than 50% of Hub's products are either modified or completely customized.

In 2020, Allied added more than 50 suppliers to its line card, bringing more than 10,000 new product lines to customers. Allied also doubled the capacity of its Fort Worth, Texas, distribution center.

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