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Beumer Group opens location in Denver, consolidating Dallas and Kansas City offices

Aug. 26, 2021

Figure 1: Baggage handling at airports with 100% tracking of the baggage in every phase of the check-in process is becoming increasingly important. (Source: Beumer Group)

In addition to its existing office in Somerset, New York, the Beumer Group has now opened an office in Denver, merging the offices in Kansas City and Dallas. The new location in Denver is strategically located so all customers can be reached. Here, projects in the business areas of mining and airport will be mainly managed. The new location offers space for around 35 workplaces. With this location the Beumer Group plans to expand further.

Beumer Group is an international manufacturer of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sortation and distribution. With 4,500 employees worldwide and annual sales of more than $1 billion, Beumer Group and its group companies and sales agencies provide their customers with system solutions and a customer-support network around the globe and across a wide range of industries, including bulk materials and piece goods, food/non-food, construction, mail order, post, and airport baggage handling.

Baggage handling at airports with 100% tracking of the baggage in every phase of the check-in process is becoming increasingly important (Figure 1). By tracking and logging the movement of each item of baggage and each event, the baggage handling system can capture real-time data, which can be used to manage and analyze the system’s existing performance. The combination of real-time and historical data provides the basis for optimizing future performance.

“From strategically located Denver now we are very happy to offer our airport customers our baggage handling systems. With our comprehensive range of services, we are always there for our customers,“ said David Delaney, vice president and general manager, airports division, North America, at Beumer. Almost half of the luggage handled in airports across the world is processed on a Beumer Group baggage handling system.

Figure 2: The Overland Conveyor transports coal from the underground mine to the main processing plant. (Source: Beumer Group)

Furthermore, U.S. customers from the mining business area will also benefit from the new company office. “Out of the new office now, we can look after our customers in the various industries even better," said Daniel Uttelbach, managing director and vice president, conveying & loading systems. For example, the Overland Conveyor transports coal from Knight Hawk’s underground mine to the main processing plant in Cutler, Illinois (Figure 2).

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