Aveva, OSIsoft combine for digital transformation

March 22, 2021
Performance Intelligence will aim to connect information and AI with human insight, to enable faster and more accurate decision making, helping industries boost sustainability

Aveva, a global engineering and industrial software company, has joined forces with OSIsoft to meet the information management needs of industrial companies and accelerate their digital transformation. The combined portfolio brings OSIsoft’s data management together with Aveva's industrial software.

Providing greater operational agility and resilience, Performance Intelligence connects information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight, to enable faster and more accurate decision making, helping industries boost sustainability. By pairing the capabilities of OSIsoft’s PI System with the industrial software of Aveva, Performance Intelligence gives the people behind essential processes the rich, reliable data they need to better measure and understand the entire industrial lifecycle. Areas where Performance Intelligence is likely to have the most impact will include organizational productivity, operational agility, and sustainability.

"Through Performance Intelligence, we can see worlds of data from bold new angles, and inspire better understanding of complex value chains, to boost performance and drive sustainability," said Craig Hayman, CEO at Aveva. "The combined impact of Aveva and OSIsoft will enable our customers to manage complex industries more efficiently. Our expanded capabilities elevate Aveva's commitment to deliver operational agility that turns opportunity into business value for our customers."

"Aveva’s sustained performance and growth has laid the groundwork that enables the acquisition of a market leader such as OSIsoft," said Philip Aiken AM, chairman, Aveva Group. "Our joint portfolio of offerings and potential new capabilities will help deliver AVEVA’s long-term strategy for growth and market leadership in industrial software and information management by accelerating the solid growth trajectory and continuing to help customers on their digitalization journeys."

"This acquisition is a major milestone for Aveva, enabling our team to draw on Dr. J Patrick Kennedy’s vast leadership experience and domain expertise," said Hayman. "With Performance Intelligence, we can confidently say that Aveva is paving the way to become the industrial software and data leader, heralding the start of an exciting new chapter for the industrial software market,” concluded Hayman.

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