Allied Electronics & Automation adds 6 suppliers before year-end

Dec. 16, 2020
Invertek Drives, LPS, Makita, Bayshore Networks, PCTEL and Datalogic join Allied's supplier roster.

Allied Electronics & Automation has added to its roster of more than 500 suppliers with the addition of product lines from Invertek Drives, LPS, Makita, Bayshore Networks, PCTEL and Datalogic.

In onboarding more than 50 new suppliers in 2020, Allied has made more than 10,000 new product lines available to customers. The company has also doubled the capacity of its Fort Worth distribution center and provides online customers with tens of thousands of 360-degree high-resolution images, more than 1.1 million up-to-date product data sheets, expert advice on a range of topics and a connection to the company's global DesignSpark online engineering community.

  • Invertek Drives is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of variable frequency drive.
  • LPS provides maintenance chemicals to industrial, aerospace, military, contractor and energy development facilities.
  • Makita develops power tool technology for home improvement and professionals.
  • Bayshore Networks builds solutions to support the exponential growth in security threats that ICS/OT security professionals must confront.
  • PCTEL is a global provider of purpose-built antennas, industrial IoT devices and network test and measurement solutions that enable wireless connectivity.
  • Datalogic is a producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision and laser marking systems.

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