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Allied Electronics reaches 500 suppliers

Nov. 16, 2020
Envirocleanse, Ringfeder, E-Switch, Pilz and Eaton Transportation help Allied reach 50 new suppliers in 2020.

Allied Electronics & Automation has added its 50th new supplier in 2020 and now stocks ready-to-ship inventory from more than 500 suppliers of automation and control, electronic, electrical, mechanical and maintenance products.

The company has most recently augmented its offering of power transmission components, switches, sensors, industrial connectivity equipment, industrial controls, connectors and sanitizing products from Envirocleanse, Ringfeder, E-Switch, Pilz, and Eaton Transportation.

Allied has expanded the capacity of its Fort Worth distribution center, added more than 10,000 new product lines and debuted more than 50 new suppliers to date in 2020.

Envirocleanse is the producer of next-generation non-toxic disinfectants for commercial and industrial use that eliminate SARS-CoV-2 and other viral or bacterial contaminants.

Ringfeder is a designer and manufacturer of locking devices, damping solutions and coupling systems.

E-Switch has been delivering electromechanical switches to the telecom, high tech, medical, electronics, instrumentation, industrial, audio/visual, appliance, and consumer markets since 1979. Its products include tact, anti-vandal, pushbutton, rocker, toggle, slide, DIP, rotary, keylock, snap action, power and illuminated switches.

Pilz is an international leader in automation and safety technology, including relays, switches, PLCs, sensors, HMIs, industrial controls and industrial data communications.

Eaton Transportation, a division of Eaton Corporation, provides user interfaces, controls, and switches, along with power conversion and distribution solutions for a range of vehicle applications

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