Allied Electronics & Automation adds 7 suppliers to industrial control portfolio

Sept. 17, 2020
The distributor adds bearings, cable management products and pneumatics from Browning, McGill, Sealmaster, Fuji Electric, Heyco, Lutze and Bimba MFD

Allied Electronics & Automation have expanded its list of more than 450 suppliers with the addition of Browning, McGill, Sealmaster, Fuji Electric, Heyco, Lutze, and Bimba MFD.

As part of its effort to deliver a greater selection, Allied has expanded the capacity of its Fort Worth distribution center, added more than 10,000 new product lines and nearly 40 new suppliers to date in 2020, and increased its pipeline of expert advice for engineers and designers.

Allied hopes that the most recent additions to the company’s linecard will enhance its industrial control offerings in the areas of bearings, cable management and pneumatics.

Browning products include V-belt drives and a spectrum of power transmission products such as gearing, bearings, couplings, and other drive components.

McGill unmounted bearing brands include more than 100 years of bearing industry experience and are designed to provide solutions across a variety of industrial applications.

Sealmaster mounted bearings, including the Sealmaster Gold Line, offer a range of stock sizes to help ensure the lifecycle of critical machinery in a variety of applications.

Fuji Electric has been manufacturing power electronics products globally since 1923 and provides a brand of power electronics equipment for industries, such as automotive/transportation, data centers, food & beverage, factory automation, medical/pharmaceutical, oil & gas and energy.

Heyco molded wire protection, cable management and stamped electrical products have been around since 1926.

Lutze, a global electrical and electromechanical components company for more than 60 years, provides wire, cable and transmission products that enable industrial automation and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

Bimba MFD provides a line of products that include pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators; valves; fittings; vacuum products; air preparation; and a variety of safety and production solutions used in a range of industries.