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Festo, MassRobotics partner to develop next generation of robotics

April 23, 2020
Through technology challenge engagements, members will co-develop and commercialize advanced products and systems

Festo and MassRobotics have entered into a strategic partnership that aims to further global market growth and innovation initiatives dedicated to the development of the next generation of robotics.

Fady Saad (left), MassRobotics co-founder, receives the Festo delivery of a Rize 3D printer for the MassRobotics Shared Labs from Festo senior product manager Nuzha Yakoob.

(Source: Festo)

MassRobotics, the independent, nonprofit group serving as an innovation hub for robotics and smart connected devices, aims to foster a collaborative space in which to inspire the next generation of robotics and automation innovators and builders. The organization’s escalator model allows startups to establish, grow, offer employment and provide value for MassRobotics’ partner organizations.

According to Festo, MassRobotics creates a supportive learning environment to engage youth and future engineers and entrepreneurs by offering STEM workshops, competitions and technical internships. MassRobotics supports the Ventilator Project, which aims to solve the ventilator shortage crisis with an low-cost ventilator designed by members; the team is currently seeking FDA approval for the device.

"Combining Festo’s in-depth know-how in manufacturing applications and automation technology with the MassRobotics community will enable Festo to engage with robotics and automation startups," said Alfons Riek, vice president technology and innovation at Festo. "We will collaborate with entrepreneurs and academia alike in bringing innovative new automation and robotic concepts and solutions to market."

"Festo and the MassRobotics community will explore the evolution of automated manufacturing solutions to autonomous ones," said Carlos Miranda, CEO, Festo North America. "Through technology challenge engagements, members will co-develop and commercialize advanced products and systems."

“MassRobotics and Festo share a vision to develop robotic solutions dedicated to the emerging needs of the manufacturing sector,” said Fady Saad, cofounder and vice president of strategic partnerships, MassRobotics. "Having an automation company with the expertise, resources, and leading-edge development capabilities of Festo will further the mission of MassRobotics and create excitement about our collaborative efforts."

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