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System integrator stresses importance of interoperability

July 10, 2024
CSIA member cautions ecosystems could create 'walled gardens'
What does the term "iPhone of process control or automation" really mean?
An Automation World columnist suggests it refers to a "walled garden" ecosystem. In such ecosystems, products work well within their own network but are often incompatible with those from other vendors. This can streamline operations within the ecosystem but limits interoperability, customization and the integration of best-in-class solutions from multiple sources, potentially stifling innovation.
For machine builders and controls engineers, this means reduced flexibility and higher costs for switching vendors, maintaining and upgrading systems. The challenges are particularly pronounced in industries like pharmaceuticals, where new technologies need to integrate seamlessly into existing systems for process analytical technology and quality-by-design approaches.
It is important for open standards and modular solutions to counter the limitations of walled gardens, Automation World argues. By adopting these practices, companies can achieve greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness and innovation. The goal is to create an ecosystem where technology adapts to the evolving needs of the business, rather than constraining its potential.
Learn more about walled gardens in the full article from Automation World, available to read here.

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