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10 career development guides

April 4, 2022
Balance your own needs with those of your family, coworkers and community

I'm often asked for career advice. It's an important topic. I hope this set of guides, developed over the course of my own career in industry and academe, will be helpful to you in developing your fullest potential.

1. Prepare so that doors open

A favorite book for me is David P. Campbell’s If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll Probably End Up Somewhere Else. New York Yankees player and coach Yogi Berra is credited with a similar quote.

As a student, do the right things to prepare for a career. Earn good grades, have a plan of study that supports getting the entry level job you seek, and have internships that give you relevant training and career insight. Just as importantly, realize technical skill aren't the only thing that opens doors, so demonstrate your ability to be an effective partner in bringing things to fruition. Participate in diverse extracurricular activities.

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