How To Thrive As A Successful System Integrator

How to thrive as a successful system integrator

Oct. 25, 2023
Best practices for system integrators hiring the best controls engineers

In the early years, system integrators primarily focused on survival and hiring competent engineers who can handle the pressure of the job. To identify the right candidates, a written engineering test was introduced, which included scenarios to assess PLC programming skills under time constraints, helping to find engineers who can work effectively under pressure.

Rick Pierro, the Chief Strategy Officer of E Tech Group, discussed the lifecycle of a successful system integrator, with a focus on insights and best practices for professionals in the field, particularly controls engineers working at machine-builder companies at the Control System Integrator Association's executive conference, partner publication Control reported.

Pierro also highlighted the importance of sales and marketing, emphasizing a consultative approach and using various marketing tools and techniques to engage clients. As the integrator grows, managing finances, developing an organizational structure and nurturing a positive company culture become crucial.

To learn more about these insights and how they provide valuable guidance for controls engineers working in the field of systems integration, read the full article from Control.

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