Omron revises its environmental policy, establishes human rights policy

March 6, 2022

In a meeting held March 1, the Omron Corp. board of directors revised the company's Environmental Policy and to established a Human Rights Policy, according to a media statement. 

In April 2022, Omron started its Long-Term Vision, Shaping the Future 2030 (SF2030) - Innovation Driven by Social Needs through Automation to Empower People. The company believes it must resolve sustainability issues related to the environment and human rights, including climate change and economic disparity.

It also believes in the importance of evolving efforts to address environmental and human rights issues to enhance corporate value. Here, the company has identified achieving decarbonization and reducing its environmental impact and respect towards human rights in the value chain as key sustainability issues under SF2030, setting set medium- and long-term targets for these issues, the statement says.

The Omron Environmental Policy and the Omron Human Rights Policy were formulated as important guidelines for resolving sustainability issues and achieving the goals of SF2030, while also keeping in mind the future demands and expectations of the international community.

Omron reports that it will contribute to the creation of sustainable societies by reducing carbon and environmental impacts throughout the value chain based on the Omron Environmental Policy and the Omron Human Rights Policy. The company is dedicated to reducing the risk of human rights violations through the implementation of human rights due diligence and the establishment of a corrective mechanism in line with international standards.