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Eaton’s Tripp Lite business celebrates 100 years

March 31, 2022

Tripp Lite by Eaton is celebrating its 100th year of providing solutions for a range of businesses and end users around the globe.

Tripp Lite began as a maker of automobile headlights in 1922. Headquartered in Chicago, the company evolved to become a supplier of distributed IT solutions, including uninterruptible power supplies, surge protectors, connectivity products, networking accessories and AV products. In March 2021, Eaton acquired Tripp Lite, and the business is now a key part of the company’s Critical Power and Digital Infrastructure division.

“We owe our century of success to the partners, customers and employees whose trust and loyalty brought us to this celebration,” said Glen Haeflinger, senior vice president and general manager, Distributed IT, Eaton. “Now, as part of the Eaton family, we’re excited for the next 100 years of accelerated growth and the opportunity to continue providing innovative IT solutions backed by unwavering customer support.”

Chris Butler, president, Critical Power and Digital Infrastructure, Eaton, added: “It’s interesting that two great companies like ours started in the automotive segment and, over the years, built strong brands in the IT industry. Acquiring Tripp Lite greatly expanded our portfolio and capabilities in distributed IT and edge applications. Tripp Lite has long been recognized as an innovator and a trusted supplier. But the brand’s longevity can be attributed to much more than products. Tripp Lite’s people share Eaton’s passion for customer success and continuous improvement. That passion will be our guiding light as together we tackle the challenges of the next 100 years.”

The company will celebrate the anniversary with events throughout 2022. A number of activities will occur at Eaton locations and customer events around the globe.

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