KTEC honors Festo Didactic as 2022 Distinguished Partner

March 30, 2022

Festo Didactic received Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum's (KTEC) 2022 Distinguished Partner Award at the annual KTEC Gala on Saturday, March 26, for the company’s dedication to education and support of KTEC.

The mission of KTEC is to engage learners of all types in an innovative and continually evolving learning environment, to prepare students for success through academic excellence by the use of 21st century skills, strategic partnerships and technology integration to prepare for a global society.

Festo is an automation vendor with the goal to maximize its customers’ productivity and competitiveness in industry and process automation and technical education.

The company is an important part of innovation for KTEC students, it says. Festo and the school are working together to integrate bionics and mechatronics into the school’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning program for sixth to eighth grade students.

Festo is also an important part of the design team for KTEC High School, which is slated to open this September. Festo is facilitating the development of the automation and robotics career pathway.

“One of the most exciting things about our partnership with Festo is how they are keeping up with the speed of innovation in their educational modules,” said Angela Andersson, KTEC’s principal. “For example, their new bionic learning experiences tie biology and engineering together in exciting ways.”

The Distinguished Partner award is a traditional part of KTEC’s Gala. It recognizes community partners who have invested their time, resources and expertise to provide KTEC students with hands-on, real-world experiences.

Some past winners included Snap-on Inc., Carthage College, and NC3-The National Coalition of Certification Centers.

“On behalf of all our NC3 partner schools, we could not be more pleased to learn of Festo’s recognition as this year’s Distinguished Partner at the 2022 KTEC Gala,” said Dan Ramirez, associate director of NC3. “As one of NC3’s longest-standing industry partners and a global leader process control and factory automation solutions, Festo’s impact in helping prepare and inspire the next-generation of process and automation professionals is second to none.

“Festo’s three-levels of professional training form the most comprehensive suite of professional certifications in the field and have become the most actively attended instructor trainings in NC3’s broad portfolio of certifications. Of particular note, Festo’s current and upcoming certifications for secondary students are unparalleled in the awe and technical skills delivered to prepare young students to become next-generation automation professionals.”

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