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Rittal appoints Andreas Ruzic CEO of Rittal USA

March 4, 2022

Andreas Ruzic, CEO, Rittal USA

Rittal North America LLC, a provider of system solutions for industrial and IT enclosures, recently appointed Andreas Ruzic as CEO of Rittal USA. This position adds operational management responsibilities to his current role of executive vice president of Rittal North America. In his expanded role, he will lead an executive team responsible for the growth of the business as well as the company’s operations, manufacturing, sales, and administrative functions.

As an accomplished business leader, Andreas brings more than 20 years of senior and C-level experience covering a variety of industries including manufacturing, aviation & aerospace, retail, telecommunications, and supply chain management.

“I am very excited to take over the role of CEO USA in addition to my responsibility for North America and look forward to the challenges, the growth and opportunities ahead of us,” Ruzic said. “I am very much looking forward to continue the trusting and respectful collaboration and teamwork we’ve built so far guiding us to new possibilities.”

Over the past three years, former Rittal USA CEO, Mike Freund, made contributions to Rittal’s strategy and growth laying the foundation for Ruzic to lead Rittal into future of continued market expansion. Ruzic will concentrate on continuous and sustainable development across the North American region. He is committed to achieving Rittal’s goals through the alliance with EPLAN, increased partner collaboration, and enhancing customer relationships. 

Ruzic has a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, Germany and speaks three languages – English, Croatian, and German. His diverse background and wealth of knowledge is a true asset to the Rittal team which continues to expand automation offerings, production, and warehousing capabilities supported by five distribution centers including the newest in Houston and Atlanta.

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