Peter Martin joins Bedrock Automation advisory board

Feb. 22, 2022

Automation industry luminary Dr. Peter Martin has joined Bedrock Automation's advisory board. Martin, known throughout the industrial automation world for pioneering applications of control theory to business profitability, will advise Bedrock in its advancement of Open Secure Automation.

“Peter essentially invented the concept of measuring business value of automation and has proven it in practice. Peter and I share in the certainty that the full potential of industrial automation systems has yet to be realized. The Bedrock Open Secure Automation platform is designed to help companies realize that potential, and we are excited to be continuing to advance our platforms with the added experience and vision of Peter Martin,” Bedrock founder, CEO and CTO Albert Rooyakkers said.

Martin served as vice president of innovation and marketing for Schneider Electric Process Automation until his retirement in 2019.  The International Society for Automation (ISA), named him an industry fellow, recognizing his innovations in real-time, sensor-based dynamic performance measures, which they say, “has improved process tuning and profitability control for industrial operations across the globe."

ISA also named him one of InTech magazine's 50 most influential innovators of all time in instrumentation and controls and gave him a Life Achievement Award for his work in “integrating financial and production measures that improve the profitability and performance of industrial processes.”  Control magazine named him to its Process Automation Hall of Fame and Fortune magazine has named him a Hero of U.S. Manufacturing. He was also named to the Measurement, Control and Automation (MCAA) Hall of Fame.

Martin has published numerous articles and technical papers and has authored or co-authored five books: Bottom Line Automation; Dynamic Performance Management: The Pathway to World-Class Manufacturing; Real-Time Control of the Industrial Enterprise; The Value of Automation; and Automation Made Easy: Everything You Wanted to Know About Automation – and need to ask

“As more industrial devices connect to each other, security is increasingly and literally the key to business value. By bringing a powerful and inherently secure automation solution to market, Bedrock is unlocking a new generation of heightened business effectiveness, safety and profitability. I am looking forward to doing whatever I can to help them advance their platform to achieve that -- for everyone’s sake,” Martin said.

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