NNAISense launches AI Academy to help manufacturers keep factories on the cutting edge of innovation

Jan. 27, 2022
3 pillars support training for industrial manufacturing technology

NNAISense is opening its inaugural Industrial AI Academy to provide training in artificial intelligence (AI) to technical experts in industrial manufacturing.

“Off-the-shelf AI solutions may bill themselves as a one-stop-shop for an organization’s industrial AI needs, but, in reality, there always needs to be some element of customization as not all industrial or manufacturing processes are the same,” said Ralf Haller, executive vice president of sales & marketing at NNAISense. “Industrial AI, when implemented correctly, can transform operations and streamline factory work by predicting and preventing issues that routinely occur in traditional non-automated factories.”

NNAISense’s Industrial AI academy is built around three pillars to enable CTOs and technical teams to succeed in implementing AI into their factories.

  • The first pillar is built around teaching what Industrial AI actually is, its capabilities, and perhaps most importantly, what makes it different from traditional software implementation.
  • The second pillar is based around teaching CTOs how to determine what kinds of experts and personnel they need to effectively implement AI immediately and at scale.
  • The third pillar focuses on enabling CTOs and their teams to accurately evaluate different AI options in their industry and pick the best solution for them.

The Academy’s curriculum includes expert and management tracks taught by specialists in machine learning, AI and high-tech product and service development in the industrial sector. The course topics include:

  • how to effectively create and utilize third-generation AI-powered digital twins
  • finding AI use cases for a company
  • effectively implementing AI solutions onto a production line.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate from NNAISense, a provider of custom AI solutions and AI engineering services for industrial applications. Using advanced neural-network solutions and evolutionary deep reinforcement learning, NNAISense has created a third-generation AI-powered digital twin capable of learning, acting and adapting independently. The company’s founders are graduates of the Swiss AI lab IDSIA, co-directed by Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber and creators of the artificial recurrent neural network architecture LSTM. NNAISense also created an autonomous parking system for Audi and the Festo robotic hand.

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