RadTech announces new, re-elected board members

Jan. 4, 2022

RadTech, the nonprofit trade association for ultraviolet and electron beam technologies (UV+EB), announced the election of David Walker, president, CTO & co-founder of Azul 3D Inc., as a new RadTech board member. In addition, Karl Swanson, president of PCT Ebeam and Integration; and Evan Benbow, vice president, research &development at Nazdar Co., have been elected to second two-year terms.

Todd Fayne of PepsiCo has rotated off the board after reaching term limits, but will continue participating as co-chair of the RadTech Sustainability Committee.

RadTech board members include:

  • Susan Bailey, Michelman, President;
  • Michael Gould, Rahn USA; president elect;
  • Eileen Weber, allnex, immediate past president;
  • Paul Elias, Miwon, Treasurer;
  • Mike Bonner, St. Clair Systems, Treasurer;
  • Evan Benbow, Nazdar;
  • Neil Cramer, Sartomer;
  • Jonathan Graunke, INX Intl.;
  • Jennifer Heathcote, GEW;
  • Jeffrey Klang, Sartomer;
  • Eric Nelson, 3M;
  • Helen Rallis, Sun Chemical;
  • Jim Raymont, EIT;
  • Jake Staples, Wausau Coated Products, Inc.;
  • Karl Swanson, PCT Ebeam and Integration; and
  • Dan Theiss, Procter & Gamble.

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