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Balluff manufacturing roundtable hosts Kentucky Governor, local manufacturers

May 4, 2017
The purpose of the roundtable was to discuss the goals of local manufacturers and how the Governor's administration is working to support the success and growth of Kentucky manufacturing.

Over 20 leaders of manufacturing were in attendance for the roundtable discussion. (Source: Balluff)

On Feb. 13, Balluff hosted a manufacturing roundtable event at its Independence, Kentucky location. This event included more than 20 Kentucky manufacturers, government officials such as Independence Mayor Chris Reinersman and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, where the roundtable discussed the goals of local manufacturers and how the governor's administration is working to support the success and growth of Kentucky manufacturing.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (center) discussed workforce skills development with Balluff CEO Tony Canonaco (right) and Balluff managing director Florian Hermle (left). (Source: Balluff)

According to Balluff, workforce skills development, improving the overall image of the state of Kentucky, investments in engineering education and technical vocations, were on the minds of those in attendance. Manufacturing is a strong component of the governor's agenda. "It is my vision for Kentucky that we become the hub of excellence for engineering and manufacturing," said Bevin. "There is no state that owns it right now. No state owns that the way Kentucky has the opportunity to do so." Manufacturing leaders in attendance emphasized support for investments in workforce development and vocational education.

As an automation technology provider, Balluff supports and participates in manufacturing education programs through training experiences, providing student tours of their facility and donating automation equipment to technical labs and projects.  "Governor Bevin was genuinely interested and completely engaged with how automation technologies can improve manufacturer's competitiveness in the state of Kentucky and across the country." stated Tony Canonaco, Balluff president and CEO. "Our intent with this meeting was to have an open discussion about the concerns of local manufacturers and our opportunities for growth."

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