IoPP Offers Packaging360 Leadership Training Course

Jan. 29, 2014
Eight-Hour Course Teaches Professionals How to Think About Packaging as an Integrated System

A new online course available from the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) educates packaging professionals beyond technology and design.

The eight-hour Packaging360 Leadership training course was developed in cooperation with management consultancy, Fastraqq Corp., to teach professionals how to think about packaging as an integrated system.

"IoPP is excited to launch this much-needed advanced course for packaging professionals," said Patrick Farrey, executive director for IoPP. "IoPP continues to look for new partnerships as part of our objective to launch training programs that give packaging professionals leading-edge skills while also elevating packaging's influence among their senior management."

Fastraqq President Dan Balan will teach the class using a set of prerecorded modules, varying in length from about 70 mins. to more than 90 mins. The modules touch on mastering packaging convergence, mastering supply chains, mastering your customer's world, mastering your internal value chain and mastering sustainability. The modules conclude with a 50-question exam..

The course expands IoPP's suite of online packaging education options with an advanced-level curriculum built on packaging basics learned in the 27-hour Fundamentals course. The e-learning programs are designed in full or customized to include only the content packager's need. Testers must complete the exam with a score of 70% or better to receive a Certificate of Completion.

"Packaging360 Leadership compels you to think about packaging strategically," said Jim George, director of education for IoPP.  "The curriculum provides a lot of ideas for driving efficiencies and reducing costs," To which Balan adds, "Packaging360 Leadership will equip you to evolve beyond mere tactical skills and designing boxes and cartons. It will educate you to understand the meshing points of packaging and business, so that you become a full-fledged business professional."

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