Allied Electronics & Automation now offers pneumatics from four suppliers

April 27, 2022

Allied Electronics & Automation now offers an array of in-stock pneumatic products from suppliers including Chicago Pneumatic Tools, Duff-Norton, Gefran and Marsh Bellofram Precision Controls. Pneumatic systems use compressed air or gas to generate fluid power and are prevalent in industrial automation applications including food, beverage and medical packaging, and automotive, oil and gas, and concrete manufacturing.

Chicago Pneumatic Tools is a global manufacturer of high-performance pneumatic and cordless tools and workshop equipment designed to deliver lasting customer value in professional and industrial applications including assembly and material removal. Allied offers 125 in-stock air tools from Chicago Pneumatic Tools, as well as several Chicago Pneumatic compressors and accessories.

Duff-Norton, a Columbus McKinnon brand, manufactures powerful and precise motion control technology products designed to deliver high-strength, high-reliability and long-lifetime performance. Allied offers 17 in-stock Duff-Norton rotary unions, which are used to connect rotating equipment to fixed piping used to transmit steam, water, coolant, hydraulic oil, air and other media.

Gefran designs and develops a range of sensor, automation and motion control products. Allied offers 25 in-stock Gefran rupture discs, which are used to protect industrial equipment and systems from over-pressurization and damaging vacuum conditions.

Marsh Bellofram Precision Controls is a global manufacturer of high-performance products including air and gas pressure regulators, relays, I/Ps, E/Ps, servo pressure controllers, analog circuit card pressure transducers and regulators, FRL units and related accessories, all designed to deliver high accuracy and long service lives. Allied offers 54 in-stock pneumatic regulator products from Marsh Bellofram Precision Controls, including pneumatic regulators and air filters and regulators.