Skye Automation designs turnkey vision-guided bowl feeder cell

Aug. 15, 2022

On the surface, the job of sorting parts may seem like a singular exercise. In reality, it affects the entire scope of an assembly system. The installation of a parts sorting and feeder system is incomplete without modification and optimization of peripheral equipment.

Parts feeder systems serve a broad range of industries—from high-speed packaging, food and beverage, electronics and metal working to automotive and pharmaceutical—where volume and scalability are crucial. For small and medium manufacturers, a flexible system that can orient and feed multiple part styles is also a priority.

Short of manually feeding parts along a conveyor system, there are a range of automated feeding solutions, including vibratory bowl feeders, bin-picking and flexible feeding systems, and making the best choice is critical to the success of each project. Without exception, exceptional quality, high feed rates, reliability and easy maintenance are indispensable characteristics.

Installations need to meet the exacting requirements of the feeder design specifications, the production setting and the manufacturer’s process, as well as the material, shape and size of the components being fed, according to Skye Gorter, an industrial automation specialist and founder/president of Skye Automation, based in Stirling, Ontario, Canada.