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Be less reactionary

Jan. 4, 2021
Part two of a three-part series we recorded about business post-pandemic

In this episode of Control Intelligence, our host Anna Townshend continues the discussion with two experts from accounting firm Clayton & McKervey. Part two goes over how businesses can look at their internal processes, playing off of what we've all learned from the pandemic about cash flow, data analytics and finding the best talent for your business. Bryan Powrozek is industrial automation manager and Tim Finerty is industrial automation practice leader and shareholder at Clayton & McKervey. The full-service public accounting firm specializes in tax, assurance, accounting and consulting services. If you think now is not the time to think about developing new products or services, improving business processes or exploring new business opportunities, Bryan and Tim have some reasons why some businesses might want to rethink their plan, and some sound advice for how to do it.

About the author: Anna Townshend
Anna Townshend has been a writer and journalist for almost 20 years. Previously, she was the editor of Marina Dock Age and International Dredging Review, published by The Waterways Journal, until she joined Putman Media in June 2020. She is the managing editor of Control Design and Plant Services. Email her at [email protected].
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