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Join Control Design editors and industry experts as we engage in lively discussions on what is challenging today's machine builders. Our series of live events will inform and educate, presenting solutions and strategies to identifiable problems and emerging technologies on a range of machine automation topics. Each event is moderated by editor in chief Mike Bacidore, who interacts with industry experts and viewers in a 45–60 minute presentation.


Topics include Motors & DrivesIndustrial PCsIIoTPLCs & PCAsRobotics and more.


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Smart Factory Concepts thumb

How Smart Factories can efficiently leverage modern IIoT concepts

These include technologies and best practices that allow for seamless machine interoperability, easy data sharing between machines, MES, ERP, and SCADA systems. The Smart Factory must also include capabilities that allow for the latest operator safety concepts, data security, integrity and trustworthiness. While it is not practical for existing brown fields to immediately modernize and adopt all these technologies and best practices, it is however possible for factories to cherry pick individual technologies and practices as a path to gradually modernize over time. This talk will provide an overview of some of these technologies and will also discuss the new industry standards that make such a migration possible.

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 energy efficient build

Energy efficiency through machine design

Build more energy efficient machines with technology that will reduce power consumption. Depending on your application, ac motors can consume a significant amount of energy. This webinar will look at the technology that can make your machines more attractive to factories because of the energy savings they provide.


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 beckhoff webinar

Beckhoff Automation on how to build IIoT-ready machines

Daymon Thompson, automation specialist with Beckhoff Automation, highlights key implementation strategies and tools available for IIoT applications and directions on how to get there. Other highlights include the intrinsic benefits of increased connectivity and the flexibility from machines that can provide secure global access to manufacturing and production data via encrypted cloud-based systems.

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Machine Automation Fundamentals

Machine Automation Fundamentals is a series of on-demand webcast presentations on a range of machine automation topics. Browse the library and register to view the programs that are of interest to you.

Explore various topics, such as the following:


ERP for Design

Fundamentals of ERP for design and manufacture

In this Fundamentals Series presentation, Sean O'Grady, product manager for valve terminals & electronics at Festo Corporation, discusses ERP for design and manufacture.


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 Collab Robot Safety

Fundamentals of collaborative robot safety

This presentation by Pat Davison, director of standards development at RIA, details collaborative robotics applications, safety and risk considerations, power and force limits and new guidance.


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 Machine HMI

Machine HMI — decision criteria & usage trends

Control Design's VP of Content Keith Larson will walk you through the key criteria to consider when specifying a machine-mount HMI and reveals recent reader research into current industry practices.


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 Panel Meters

The fundamentals of panel meters

There are many applications for which a modern panel meter can perform monitoring and control functions thought to be a job reserved solely for more powerful controllers and HMIs. Learn more in this Control Design Fundamentals Series presentation.


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 Selection Critera Safety

Selection criteria for functional safety devices

Learn key ways in which the choice of devices that can be used for safety is justified according to functional safety standards. This presentation on selection criteria for functional safety devices is presented by Keith Larson, VP Content and Group Publisher at Putman Media.


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 Machine Risk Assessments

Machinery Risk Assessments — best practices and insights

Pat Davison, director of standards development at Robotic Industries Association, will walk you through risk assessments and present best practices and insights for measures you can take to achieve tolerable risk.


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 Motion Systems

Motion system design — 10 questions & 10 answers

A successful motion design will come to grips with key questions ranging from the type of motor, drive and controller that best suit the application. This on-demand presentation reveals the 10 key questions you need to ask, and more importantly, how to get the right answers for your application.


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 Industrial PCs

Industrial PCs and embedded computing fundamentals

George Dickinson, a research analyst for IHS Technology and a subject matter expert on industrial PCs and embedded computing, will walk you through IPC technology trends and market updates.


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 IEC 61131 Basics

The fundamentals of IEC 61131

In this presentation, Bill Lydon, director of PLCopen North America, explains the four programming languages and the structured design language the IEC 61131 standard covers.


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 Fundamentals EtherCAT

Fundamentals of EtherCAT diagnostics

Joey Stubbs, NA representative of the EtherCAT Technology Group, explains the high level of control system intelligence an EtherCAT system can provide. It also features a comparison of EtherCAT with traditional fieldbuses and Internet-based fieldbuses in EMI propagation.


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 Fundamentals IIoT

The Industrial Internet revolution and what it means for you

Dr. Richard Soley, executive director of the Industrial Internet Consortium, will walk you through the Industrial Internet Revolution, discussing what has changed and what still remains to be done to create efficient industrial internet solutions.


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 HMI Design Basics

Fundamentals of HMI design

Dave Strobhar, Center for Operator Performance, discusses the fundamentals of HMI design display, and answers commonly asked questions on content, layout and formatting, color coding, symbols and shapes and the importance of each factor for the machine designer.


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