Feb. 23, 2010
The new motor modular system: one single series for millions of drive combinations

Configuring gearmotors with AC motors from SEW-EURODRIVE has never been easier: A modular system comprising a single series of the new DR motors offers all efficiency levels, including NEMA Premium energy efficient motors. In 2002, SEW-EURODRIVE was the first manufacturer worldwide to use die-cast copper technology in an industrial high-volume production process for the manufacturing of our energy efficient motors. Other new features in the new modular system are the option to choose between three different brake sizes, depending on the motor size, and costoptimized encoders built into the motor. All motor innovations and designs of the new DR series are available for all efficiency classes. They comply with all worldwide standards and already fulfill the forthcoming EISA and IEC standards. For planners and users, they offer a number of unique benefits.