Wago's Latest Brochure on ProServe

Jan. 9, 2012
New Brochure features New WAGO ProServe Updates

The brochure outlines how ProServe smartDESIGNER and productLOCATOR functions navigate WAGO's Electronic Interface, Terminal Block, Interconnect and Automation catalogs. It also details the generation of part lists, creation of drawings and 3D presentation of parts/assemblies. Also explained are ProServe smartSCRIPT and smartMARKING functions for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and terminal blocks. ProServe is compatible with industry-standard CAD/CAE systems and supports 18 languages for multinational projects.
Darrick Rejret, Product Manager - ProServe  
Phone: 1-800-346-7245
E-mail: [email protected]
Download ProServe Brochure: http://wago.us/downloads/ProServe_Brochure.pdf
ProServe Web Page: http://www.wago.us/service/569.htm