Eplan Harness proD 2.6

The Eplan Harness proD version 2.6 is 3D/2D software for wiring and wire harness engineering. Features include automatic wire dimensioning and routing of wires with predefined lengths. Open interfaces allow for collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineering. In addition, version 2.6 delivers improvements in the handoff of design data to manufacturing drawings, such as integrating 2D wire drawings, which are automatically derived from the 2D/3D design environment and specify both dimension points and terminal points. This allows for automatic dimensioning. Stripping lengths and wire coatings also can be defined in the design phase, and professionally depicted in the manufacturing drawings.

Users may predefine a fixed length for antenna cables. During the design process, the current and targeted length are shown and users can see at a glance how the wires can be optimally routed. Connections to the EPLAN Platform and system openness to MCAD and ECAD allow a continuous workflow between electrical and mechanical engineering. Eplan ECAD projects can be transferred directly into the wire harness software.