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Control Design Real Answers eBooks

How to size a motor

How can you be sure you're sizing the right type of motor correctly? What are the calculations to use to determine which motor to use? Get help with our expanded report full of advice straight from your peers in the machine automation industry. Read it here. 

How to troubleshoot & calibrate 4-20 mA

What are some best practices for troubleshooting the analog circuits to the PLC? How do you calibrate the instruments? Should you add programming to the PLC and HMI to simplify these functions? Read it here.

How to decide between PNP and NPN

What signal level sensors and I/O modules should you standardize on—NPN or PNP? What should you standardize on in your U.S. plant? Why do the signal levels seem to be different on equipment from Asia? Do you know the correct terminology? Are there other signal voltage levels to document that would have NPN vs. PNP or other signal issues? Read it here.

When to upgrade from indicator lights to an HMI display

How to weigh the cost of adding a screen to the machine and why? Should hardware cost be the largest concern or should integration labor, user experience and functionality take precedence? What are the pros and cons of adding an HMI to a machine that doesn’t currently have one, whether on a new design, existing design or retrofitted? Read it here.

How to select pneumatic valves and actuators

PLC-controlled pick-and-place machine can’t damage fragile parts in the event of an air dump. What type of pneumatic valves should you use? Single solenoid or double solenoid? Two-position or three-position? Center exhaust or center pressure? What's best for each actuator? Will dumping air under an emergency cause the mechanism to lower and damage the fragile part? Read it here.

Automation Essentials Ebook Series

Power distribution resource guide
The editors of Control Design have created this new resource guide for OEMs and Machine Builders.  Topics covered include: high-end protection for lower power; time for electronic circuit protection?; smart electronic circuit breakers; the basics of power supplies in industrial machinery, and more. Read it here.
Engineers guide: How hardware & software combine for unified systems

Two case studies and a Q+A discussing how to harness the best of IT to solve problems in OT make this new eBook a must have for your library. Read it here.

Technology, trends and applications in collaborative robotics

Get up to speed on the technology and trends that are creating opportunities for machine builders to incorporate collaborative robots in their designs. Read it here. 

The machine builder's guide to remote monitoring 

Learn how remote monitoring is creating growth opportunities for OEMs of all sizes. The report features an up-to-date overview of remote trends available only in this report, plus a compilation of the best articles on the topic from Control Design. Read it here. 

Guide to PC-based control

This ebook by the Control Design editors is a guide to PC-based control for OEMs and covers industrial Ethernet, controller programming needs, multi-core technology and more. Read it here.