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Implementing Machine Vision Successfully in Your Logistics Operations

April 15, 2024
Learn expert tips on logistics vision implementation.

Ongoing supply chain interruptions and the increasingly demanding fulfillment expectations of e-commerce customers represent additional challenges for managers in today’s logistics warehouses and distribution centers. Smart vision systems automation solutions can help.

These include 2D camera supply chain and 3D vision technology logistics solutions. The right machine vision solution can help you automate operations, achieve cost savings, increase throughput and productivity, and improve accuracy across numerous warehouse and distribution center operations. Examples here include identifying, sorting, picking, conveying, and verifying the presence of the correct products; avoiding bin overfills; identifying empty totes; palletizing; and supporting track-and-trace regulations where required.

You can also use smart vision systems to provide additional “eyes and ears” for your preventive maintenance initiatives and, increasingly, to train AI algorithms to implement even more effective machine vision predictive maintenance.

However, specific smart vision system expertise is in short supply these days. To see expert tips on logistics vision implementation and warehouse vision system integration, just complete and submit the form below.  


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