Hazardous Area

Mettler Toledo collaborates to win Rockwell Automation Partner Ecosystem Award for hazardous-area application

Precision-weighing provider set to showcase innovative products and expertise at Automation Fair 2023 in Boston
The automated order-fulfillment demonstration highlights collaborative robots (cobots) using sensors to scan QR codes for correct order picking, transferring and shelving of consumer items varying in sizes and shapes. The system is an example of cobots, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and vision sensors working together in a highly flexible autonomous solution that can be scaled up or down.

Safety-rated software helps to shrink the footprint of robotic work cells

FANUC America’s David Bruce discusses robot integration and future trends in technology
Proximity Sensor
Presence Sensing

What are the different types of presence sensing?

Proximity, photo-optic and ultrasonic sensors have their own application sweet spots
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Control Software

Customer-driven Gray Solutions focuses on creative applications to drive production quality and speed

System integrator’s use of technology to aid speed to market has led to innovation in digital twins, artificial intelligence and cobot integration
Presence Sensing

Unlocking the potential of photoelectric sensors

By harnessing targeted light beams, properly-specified photoeyes provide a versatile non-contact way of detecting objects in a variety of industrial applications
Process Variables

Ready-made process variables come on skids

Complex processes can benefit from pre-built, factory-tested and -certified skids with sensors included

Encoders for harsh environments

Identify and preemptively fix failures, and magnetic solutions might offer less wear and maintenance overtime
Idec Sa2 E Series Image

IDEC SA2E miniature photoelectric sensors

The IDEC SA2E miniature photoelectric sensor family is designed to boost the performance/price ratio with a standardized ASIC design delivering rapid responses and better detection...
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Top Tips for a Successful LiDAR Project

Could you improve productivity and enhance safety in your industry by using LiDAR? LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) doesn’t acquire and process visual information organically...
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2023 State of Technology Report: Sensors, Vision and Machine Safety

Get a feel for your equipment and its safety. Let sensing and vision systems complement your machine’s performance.