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Is the Vision of Fully Cabinet-Free Machinery Finally Becoming a Reality?

Dec. 21, 2023

Combined with other advanced industrial automation technology, today’s smart, connected machines enable manufacturers to achieve unprecedented improvements in product quality, productivity, and uptime. But until recently, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to house the associated power supplies, I/O, networking, HMI, control, and other equipment in industrial cabinets on the factory floor. These often-costly cabinets are needed to protect the peripheral machine-mounted components from harsh factory-floor environments.

In response, global automation leaders have developed innovative new product families that will soon make entirely cabinet-free machine design a reality. Beckhoff anticipates that offerings such as its own machine-mountable MX-System will reduce overall machine footprint by as much as 70%, slash the number of control components required by a factor of 10, reduce documentation by as much as 75%, and eliminate costly wiring errors through pluggable devices.

Download this asset to learn more about the industrial automation technologies that are making cabinet-free machinery a reality and the significant benefits of cabinet-free machines for today’s manufacturers.

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