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Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Connecting data and unlocking new opportunities

In this episode of Control Intelligence, editor in chief Mike Bacidore talks to Daymon Thompson, senior software product manager at Beckhoff USA. They talk about how machine builders...
Power Supplies

Your power supply has something to say: Smart power supplies share their health status

Mike Bacidore is joined by Jay Hendrix, product marketing manager of Connected Power at SolaHD Emerson
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Driving value through adaptive manufacturing

Mike Bacidore is joined by Derrick Stacey, global product manager, B&R Industrial Automation
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Driving value through adaptive manufacturing

Control Design catches up with B&R Industrial Automation's Derrick Stacey
Power Supplies

Your power supply has something to say

Many pieces of the control system require dc power in order to operate. This could include sensors, motors, solenoids, valves, PLCs, controllers, HMIs, remote I/O racks, industrial...
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Defense-in-depth leads cyber strategy for OT security

Some manufacturers believe IT departments can protect their infrastructures, but what happens when that fails or a saboteur is able to bypass the surrounding network and connect...
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Component flexibility

KEB America's Jonathan Bullick catches up with Control Design to discuss component flexibility as a means to overcome supply-chain issues

Driving the future of industrial automation: automated enclosure modification

Smaller companies can enjoy the benefits of scalable productivity with only a handful of employees.Q: For integrators and machine builders who are still modifying enclosures by...
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Modularity enables adaptive manufacturing

In this sponsored content, B&R Industrial Automation demonstrates how the adaptive-machine concept is expanding to encompass even more technology
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How to make remote access and configuration easy

In this sponsored content, we talk with EZ VPN CEO Paolo Denti.
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OEMs get high-tech sensors without the unnecessary high cost

In this sponsored content, we talk with strategic business manager for OEMs of VEGA Americas James Case