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HMS Networks Ewon Flexy is now ThingWorx ready

March 1, 2021
The company launches PTC Marketplace solution that enables users to bridge machine data to PTC’s ThingWorx Platform using Ewon Flexy and the Talk2M cloud

HMS Networks has launched its PTC Marketplace solution, which promises to enable users to bridge machine data to PTC’s ThingWorxPlatform using Ewon Flexy and the Talk2M cloud.

HMS Networks, a member of the PTC Partner Network, announced the availability of a new extension which integrates the Ewon Flexy edge gateways, and associated Ewon Talk2M cloud, with PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solutions Platform.

(Source: HMS)

The Ewon extension for ThingWorx has been validated by PTC and has achieved ThingWorx-ready status.

The PTC ThingWorx ready program enables technology companies to validate their products’ interoperability with the ThingWorx platform. Following a product’s ThingWorx-ready designation, that product becomes available on the PTC Marketplace, a digital space where PTC’s partners and customers can access and promote IIoT tools, market-ready solutions, and innovative technologies designed to aid solution deployments. 

The Ewon Flexy extension for ThingWorx allows machine OEMs and systems integrators easy and secure data integration from PLCs from all major PLC vendors over the internet to the ThingWorx platform, according to its maker. With this integration, PTC partners and customers can implement state-of-the-art remote-machine service solutions customized to their specific markets.

“Remote-machine connectivity is a core market for HMS Networks” says Kevin Knake, vice president and Americas GM at HMS. “We are excited to be able to offer secure, out-of-the-box machine connectivity to ThingWorx via our proven Ewon Flexy and Talk2M solution. With this, we open a clear path for customers to offer market leading service solutions. ThingWorx services, including Asset Advisor, can be a great value for our machine OEM customer base.”

“We’re pleased HMS Networks is part of the ThingWorx Ready program. HMS’ new Ewon Flexy extension for ThingWorx opens up new possibilities for ThingWorx users to integrate machine data” says Jonathan Kateman, senior vice president, strategic alliances at PTC. “Our network of technology partners allows us to offer our customers and partners innovative resources that can add value to their IIoT solutions and help accelerate time to business value.”

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