Linear Positioning Stages

Linear Positioning Stages
Belt-driven linear positioning stages are available in travel lengths of 144 in. and are configured to integrate in to new and existing applications. BL Series stages can move loads up to 200 lbs. at speeds up to 200 in./sec. with 2Gs acceleration. For low speeds, the stages are capable of speeds below .001 in./sec. Provision is made for the addition of a magnetic linear encoder with quadrature output for dual closed-loop operation. Belt tension can be adjusted to assure high accuracy and repeatabilty. Stages can be mounted horizontally or vertically and can be supplied in mult-axis configurations. Motor/gearmotor options include steppers, DC brush and AC brushless motors. Other options include fail-safe brake, cable carrier, bellows, limit switches, and feet. The positioning stages can be supplied with an indexer driver for open loop stepper applications ,or servo amplifier and programmable controller for closed loop applications.

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