Add-A-Motor serial configuration cable hooks you up

Serial Configuration Cable
Fully molded Add-A-Motor cable connects SmartMotor to SmartMotor in a daisy-chain configuration for serial operation, eliminating the need to create custom, multi-axis cable configurations for each application. Cables are designed specifically to supply DC power and RS-232 communications to multiple SmartMotor 1700 and 2300 Series motors, as well as to increase the reliability of installations by reducing the incidence of servo system failure. Each cable has a female 7-pin SmartMotor 7W2 Combo-D-sub connector on one end and a female 7-pin 7W2 D-sub connector backed by a male 7-pin connector on the other end to trnasmit and recieve data between SmartMotors. The cable on the compact dual connector end is displaced to the side to permit placement of the next Add-A-Motor cable. Cables come in four standard lengths to help eliminate tangled cabling in tight spaces and keep cables organized in serial applications. Standard lengths are: 0.3, 1.0, 3.0, and 7.5 meters.

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