CV-M2CL camera for traffic control or industrial inspection

Traffic Control/Industrial Inspection Camera
The CV-M2CL camera, designed for the specific requirements of traffic-control applications, features 2 megapixels of resolution (1600 x 1200). Measuring 40 (h) x 50 (w) x 120 (l) mm, the CV-M2CL is based on a 1" format Kodak CCD sensor (KAI-2001). The CV-M2CL has been equipped with a number of functions and features, including: auto iris output, knee and gamma response curves, analog monitor output, (reduced resolution) and 5-image burst trigger that allows the capture of a sequence of 5 images at different shutter speed setting. Knee and gamma functions allow image capture in contrast-rich scenes. In addition to traffic control, the CV-M2CL&rsquos megapixel resolution also makes it suited for industrial inspection in which step-and-repeat operation is involved.
Measurement and Sensing
Product Type:
Presence/Position Sensing