Dual-tap camera boasts 4.2 megapixel resolution and compact size

Dual-Tap AccuPiXEL Camera
The new TM-4100CL camera offers a resolution of 4.2 million pixels along with dual-tap architecture that allows it to exploit its Kodak KAI imager capabilities, producing a full resolution 2048 (h) x 2048 (v) image at 15fps. The imager has a high charge conversion of 32 V/photon. Partial scanning allows frame ratges of up to 80 fps at reduced vertical resolution. The Camera Link digital interface allows the user to harness performance without bulky cables. The camera features full asynchronous reset with electronic shutter up to 1/16,000 sec. or pulse-width exposure control. The TM-4100 features modular configuration, compact size, a look-up table, and a graphical user interface that allows serial control of all camera functions for a variety of applications, including machine vision, imaging, and intelligent transportation systems.

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Measurement and Sensing
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Presence/Position Sensing