Detachable multi-connection unit for programmable controllers

Multi-communication Unit
FP2-MCU, a multi-communication unit for FP2 series programmable controllers, uses detachable serial blocks. A total of two different configurations can be selected. The FP2-MCU supports RS232, RS485 or RS422 detachable communication blocks. The FP2-MCU operates in general serial mode, computer link (Matsushita protocol), or PCLINK (for networking FP2 and FPG PLCs). Support baud rate from 300 to 230400 bps simultaneous in both channels. Transmission distance is up to 15m for RS232, 400m for RS422, and 1200m for RS485. Support both ASCII and binary transmission codes. The FP2-MCU provides high design flexibility and also contributes to the streamlining of maintenance parts.
Click here for a specification of the FP2-MCU.
Industrial Networks
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