Intelligent cameras offer self-contained machine vision<STRONG> </STRONG>

Intelligent Cameras
IMPACT T25 and IMPACT T21 intelligent cameras offer high-speed automated inspection. Compared to standard resolution vision systems, the IMPACT T25 allows greater accuracy and improved defect detection. IMPACT T21 is a remote micro-head based camera for tightly constrained mechanical requirements. Both offer the functionality of a full-featured, self-contained vision system. IMPACT T25 has a 1024 X 768 pixel resolution, including a self-contained image processor and I/O. Supported by a high-speed CCD imaging sensor, it can capture and process images at rates of up to 5000 parts per minute. IMPACT T21 is ideal for inspecting electronic micro-components and other small manufactured parts.  Its tiny micro head fits nicely into small machines or tight spaces.
Measurement and Sensing
Product Type:
Presence/Position Sensing