Decoding software provides reliable code reading

Decoding Software
PIATI_PGP decoding software is suited for comprehensive vision application development, as well as implementation environments that include other vision tools and associated functions. While designed to decipher ECC200 data matrix codes under fairly decent imaging conditions featuring well-marked codes. Currently available as a Windows ΠDLL and a Linux library, the software can be made compatible with other operating systems and implementation platforms of specific interest to prospective licensees. Licensing possibilities include per unit run-time, fixed price volume run-time, and source code options. Typical applications include the automatic decoding of data matrices that have been machine-marked (laserscribed, laserprinted, dotpeened/pinstamped, inkjet printed, electrochemically etched) on wafers/PCBs/substrates, glass lenses, molds and containers, electronic components and carriers, medical/dental devices and instruments, automotive or aerospace components, direct mail pieces and packaged goods, consistent with identifying, matching, sorting, tracking, or verifying these products as they move through various laboratory, manufacturing or material handling processes.
Machine Vision
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