Rugged connector family in B and C sizes

Cordsets and Receptacles
Minifast B and C cordsets and receptacles are available in 6- to 12-pin configurations and can be used for power and signals to factory automation equipment. The B size minifast connector offers a 6-, 7-, or 8-pin connection and the C size minifast connector offers a 9-, 10-, or 12-pin connection. Paired with 16 AWG cable (18 AWG also available) the 6-pin minifast offers a full 9 A of current carrying capability and the 12-pin minifast can handle 6A.

The extended coupling nut design provides pull strength of over 200 lbs. Coupling nuts are available in nickel-plated brass or 316 stainless steel to match any application environment. The large over molded plug body with built in strain relief provides complete protection. In fact, the minifast product line is rated to NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6P and IEC IP 68.

Choose a cable for any application. minifast cordsets are available in PVC (ITC/PLTC rated), PUR, weldlife TPE, and flexlife-10 high flex cable. Fully encapsulated mating receptacles are available in nickel-plated brass and 316 stainless steel housings with ½&rdquo-14 NPT, ¾&rdquo-14 NPT and M20 mounting threads. All parts are available in standard or custom lengths.
Product Type:
Industrial Cordsets/Connectors