Smart DeviceNet slave simplifies troubleshooting

DeviceNet Slave
DRT2 smart DeviceNet slave provides capabilities for monitoring both I/O status and network communications status. The DRT2 smart slave allows users to remotely monitor and diagnose low network voltage, communications errors, and short circuits for connected devices. When combined with configuration software, users can connect and monitor the factory floor network over an Ethernet connection without the need of any control programming or interruption.

In addition, the DRT2 monitors the number of operations and total operation time. By monitoring this information, the slave unit can provide notification when maintenance is required. The DRT2&rsquos expansion capabilities provide for a single node to be able to attach a single expansion block of either inputs or outputs to the main block, which reduces the number of total nodes required for a system. The DRT2 is ideal for existing DeviceNet users, and the automotive and food and beverage industries.